Sunday, November 14, 2010

God makes Adam and Eve

This lesson was really fun for me!

Intro Question: What are some things that people have made for you?

We started the lesson talking about things that other people have made for us. I told the kids about the beautiful bedspread and matching curtains that my Mum made for me once. We talked about how making something for someone can show that you love them.

Today we're going to learn about the things that God made that show us he loves us.

I showed the place in the Bible where the story comes from. One of the kids wanted to read it aloud so I had him read the first verse (Genesis 1:1). We talked about God making day and night, and trees and plants, animals, birds and sea creatures, and how these were all good things that God made for Adam to enjoy. God gave Adam jobs to do - to take care of the garden (we talked about what that might look like), and to name all the animals. God then made Eve, a companion for Adam.

Pastoral note: After telling the story, even though they're just six, I thought it was important to talk about why the kids might not hear this story at school. I told the kids that they will meet people who don't believe the same as what they believe, and that they won't always believe what other people believe. But that they can know what they believe, and even why we believe it.

Pray, thanking God for all the good things he made for us

Snack: "Adam and Eve food" - nuts, berries, fruit - because Adam and Eve couldn't just go to the supermarket and buy their food ;)

Craft/Activity: Garden of Eden Diorama
Using an old box, we made our very own garden of Eden. I gave the kids a variety of materials to choose from - playdoh, construction paper, felt. They were so excited to make things for the garden, they wanted to make sure we could keep it in the classroom for them to see next time.

2 clothes pegs (Adam & Eve)

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