Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saul meets Jesus on the road to Damascus

Opening Activity: Guessing Game
blindfold, items of different textures e.g. sandpaper, cotton wool, hair gel
Blindfold children one at a time and have them touch an item and describe what it feels like; guess what it is.

Transition to Story Time
Today's story is about a man who couldn't see.

Story Read Acts 9:1-22
Use pictures to illustrate.

Discuss: Was Saul a nice man before he met Jesus? Does God only love us when we're nice?

The Bible teaches us that God's love for us is great! (1 John 3:1) Even though Saul was doing bad things, God reached out and showed him his love. He sent Ananias to help him see again. After he met Jesus he was totally changed. Even his name was changed to Paul. That's what God's love does, it changes us and makes us new.

Show how many books of the Bible are written by Paul.

Game: Help a friend to Damascus
stepping stones (e.g. cushions, mats) obstacles (e.g. boxes) blindfold

Lay out a road of stepping stones. Put obstacles along the path.
Blindfold a child and have two others as his/her helpers to get them to Damascus.
Ask questions about the story. Right answer = 3 steps forward; Wrong answer = 1 step back.

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  1. Road to Damascus

    Prison letters continue to be an inspiration to those in prison, revealing the love and the power of God to transform broken lives.