Wednesday, May 25, 2011

God calls Samuel

Theme: Listen to God and obey Him

Memory Verse: "Come and listen to the words of the Lord." Joshua 3:9

For activity ideas and how to make a matchbox bed, see below.
Opening Activity: "Duck, Duck, Goose"
- children sit in a circle, one tapping heads and calling out names
- when the name "Samuel" is called, tapped child gets up and chases around the circle until reaching the empty spot and sitting down

Story (1 Samuel 3:9)
- show a pillow to introduce the story
Opening question: What are some things you do before you go to bed?
This story is about a boy who was in bed one night when God spoke to him.

Craft Activity: Matchbox bed
1 empty matchbox per child
scissors, tape, gluefelt, scraps of fabric

Make a miniature bed out of a matchbox to remind kids of the story of Samuel.
Glue felt to matchbox as a blanket. You can make a pillow by filling a piece of folded up scrap fabric with cotton wool and securing with tape. Inside the matchbox, place the memory verse on a piece of paper.